Let’s learn to play the piano            

by “ Elise Method Piano Lesson”


No need to practice at your home, you will still be able to learn the piano.

Even if you can’t read a score, you can do it.

Even if you don’t have an ear for music, you can do it.



Why “ Für Elise”?


First, It is known by everybody worldwide.

It is also a perfect song for your repertory, which you can perform in public.

 2nd, It has very beautiful melodies and various scenes in which you can not only express your feelings, but also you can learn many piano techniques through this song.

You don’t need to worry about the “Pedal” and the “Black keys”, because you will be able to use them from the very beginning.


The only thing you need to do is to copy your teacher’s playing and memorize it without seeing the score.

It’s OK to just recall and play what you have learned from your teacher at home.


If you successfully complete “Für Elise” from the beginning to the end, you will be presented with a certificate.


Please keep playing “Für Elise”, even after completing these lessons, so you can play it anytime and anywhere  there is a piano.


Everybody Can Play!  "Für Elise"


Quick learners can play original songs from start to finish by Elise Method, just in 4 months!


Playing piano slows down the effects of ageing and is also excellent for stress relief.


45-Minute Lesson for One Person

Two lessons per month : 4500 Yen

Four lessons per month : 6500 Yen